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Brand: Tahe Sport

The new Oxbow DURA-TEC 7’6 Mini Nose Rider is perfect for enjoying the fun nose-riding capability of a longboard, while still being as maneuverable as an EGG or mini mal surf board.

Shaped by the legend Gérard Dabbadie from Hossegor, France, this board features a wide nose section, tight rocker profile and concave, and a beveled hull design for easy nose riding; combined with a wide rear section and pronounced V-Shape on the bottom giving the board excellent handling in radical turns and tight carves on the face of the wave. With almost the same volume as a genuine long-board, the Oxbow 7’6 Nose Rider is accessible for all skill levels.

Oxbow Surfboards come full supplied with FCS fins and this model features a thruster set of FCS M5 fins so that you’re ready to hit the waves!


Length: 7’6ft

Width: 22 1/4″

Thickness: 2 9/10″

Volume: 62L

Weight: 6.9kg

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