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The ARUNA - an exciting and equally inspiring technical sea kayak in a modern skeg design,

designed for small to medium sized paddlers.

The reinforced keel jump makes it very maneuverable over the edge and is also suitable for surfing and wave riding. 

This also makes the boat an agile touring kayak for lakes and rivers.

"On the edge around the curve, then quickly straight ahead with the skeg folded out!"

The course stability of the kayak is increased by the skeg, which means there is more power for propulsion.

The innovative seating system offers particular comfort and excellent power transmission.

This is ergonomically designed and extremely comfortable thanks to the side pads.

The adjustable back strap supports the lower back while paddling and ensures enormous freedom of movement.





Material info

Prilite is a durable ABS material that is thermally deep-drawn. Stable, light and easy to repair! 

On PriLite boats, the ABS composite panels are sealed with UV-resistant Plexiglass in a computer-controlled process

Deep-drawn under heat and vacuum into the molds at a temperature of around 80 degrees.

The upper and lower hulls are inseparably connected to each other with a double-sided U-profile.

This profile additionally reinforces the side walls against impacts.

As with all PRIJON boats, the assembly of the deck fittings and interior fittings is carried out conscientiously by hand.

Advantages: PriLite boats are approx. 20% lighter than comparable kayaks made from HTP. 

At the same time, there is a clear stability advantage over GRP or carbon/aramid.

Care tip :   You can care for the surface of your PriLite kayak with our Quixx polishing paste .
  • material PriLite
  • length 509cm
  • Width 55cm
  • Weight 24kg
  • cockpit 3 (88cm)
  • volume 330 L
  • payload 120kg
  • Paddler weight 60-100kg
  • Storage space at the front 45 L
  • Rear storage space 112 
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  • > SKEG