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SKU: 106833
Brand: Tahe Sport

The TECHNO FOIL is the ideal board for experiencing and enjoying freeride and foil-board riding. Designed to excel at both at a high level, it enables you to sail in much lighter winds and to get maximum fun in the widest range of conditions possible. For windsurfing you'll get the best out of it between 15 and 25 knots of wind. It's a "convertible" package that will please riders who want the best of both, light-wind foil riding and strong-wind fun.

The Techno Wind Foil is 100% Made-in-France using the TAHE exclusive ACE-TEC construction technology, resulting in a board with an unrivaled strength/weight ratio.

  • FULL DECK PAD AT THE REAR OF THE BOARD For maximum comfort during take-off and foiling.
  • OPTIMAL WIDTH FOR EARLY AND EASY PLANING Stability for uphauling sail in light wind
  • THIN RAILS FACILITATE EASY JIBING DESPITE THE BOARD’S WIDTH Volume and width ensure that the board powers out of jibes.
  • SOFTENED RAILS REFINED FOR FOIL USE Also ensure that the board has a very smooth ride over choppier conditions and won’t catch during touch downs
  • WIDE WIND RANGE FOR WINDSURFING, FROM 15-25 KNOTS Ideal with sail sizes from 7m² to 8.5m², perfect when the wind is too strong for comfortable wind foiling.
  • MAX GPS SPEEDS OF 31-33 KNOTS ACHIEVED IN TESTING Confirm a very sporty ride, fast and comfortable to sail.
  • REFINED BOARD SHAPE THAT FLIES EFFICIENTLY THROUGH THE WIND Ideal for driving upwind or blasting across the wind.


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