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Tahe Sport TECHNO WIND FOIL 160 8'4" x 32.25"


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SKU: 106836
Brand: Tahe Sport

The TECHNO WIND FOIL 160 is a well-known freeride windsurfing board shape that is stable and easy to use in light-wind summer conditions with or without a foil.

Generous volume (160l) and a generous width (82cm) provide maximum stability when uphauling the sail, using the board in sub-planing conditions and when popping onto plane with a large freeride sail or Wind FOIL.

The TECHNO 160 is perfectly designed for learning to plane, to jibe and how to ride properly with footstraps. There is a full deck pad for maximum comfort, and the board can be used by kids for learning to windsurf!

  • WIDE TAIL Easy to fly
  • VEE SHAPE NOSE Smooth touch and go
  • TUCKED RAILS Avoid rail catching while landing
  • MULTIPLE STRAP POSITIONS Easy trimming for first time flying
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