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AQUA MARINA Airship Race 22´0

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This is a true race board mixing extreme speed with team spirit. The streamlined narrow race outline allows riders to paddle very straight in the water for great tracking and incredible acceleration. The curved nose rocker and high sides make the 22-foot-long board rise out of the water and easily get through waves. The Airship Race comes with eight lateral neoprene carry handles for easy transportation and a quicker start in the competition. It’s a perfect speed machine for clubs to create team building, corporate events or parties.


• Streamlined outline for clean and fast waterline and efficient strokes

• 1000 Denier extra rail-band reinforcement

• Lightweight Double Layer Technology: 20%-25% of weight reduction combined with 25%-30% higher stiffness

• Full deck and base quality printing and rail design for superior optics

• Integrated cargo D-rings with easy-adjustable bungee cord to attach luggage

• Removable slide-in Racing Fin

• 8 heavy-duty neoprene carry handles for easy transportation

• Full deck of crocodile grooving footpad for ultimate comfort

• 2 air valves and pumps for fast inflation and deflation