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Jobe Aspen 5/3mm Wetsuit Women

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Jobe Aspen 5/3 Thermo Steamer Full Suit Women semidry suit

• 5/3 mm neoprene
• Drainage thermo
• Full flex neoprene
• Neoprene tape inside
• Minimal seam technology
• Glued stitched construction
• Chest zipper
• Detachable ankle straps
• Dry lock cuffs
• Protective kneepad
• Water drain system

Aspen keeps you warm with a maximum of 5mm neoprene. The added aquakiller thermo keeps the warmth were it belongs and helps the water wick away. Aspen is the thickest wetsuit in its range but still super flexible. Next to the fact that it simply looks good, it feels good due to a comfortable stitch construction and neoprene tape on the inside. Many features to prepare you for all different kinds of weather and water.