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Jobe Mohaka SUP Sail 3.5 m2

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549,99 €
SKU: 480023007
Qty: Pre-order
Delivery time: 7-14 days

Conquer wind and water with the Jobe Mohaka 10.2 Inflatable Paddle Board Package! We combined the world of stand up paddling and windsurfing into one showpiece. The Mohaka can be used as a single stand up paddle board or as a windsurf board thanks to its easy-to-install windsurf mount. We've added a traction rail underneath the board to for more control and stability. With a board weight of only 9,2 kilograms, the Mohaka is easy to carry wherever you want. Maximum stiffness and durability are guaranteed thanks to the use of our X-dropstitching construction and Heat Bonded technology. The included sail has a surface of 3.5m2 and the dimensions are 136cm (mast) by 316cm (luff) by 140cm (boom). By the way, did you know that every inflatable stand up paddle board from Jobe comes with a 5-year warranty!