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Jobe Stream Carbon 40 SUP Paddle Lime 3-piece

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172,82 €
SKU: 486723004
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Delivery time: 7-14 days

The Jobe Stream Carbon 40 SUP Paddle Lime 3-Piece is inspired by nature and perfected by human. The new innovative shape of this paddle is based on one of natures best paddlers around: Ducks! The Stream Paddle has a different tip on the paddle which results in a smoother and more efficient paddling. A more narrow tip on the paddle means less surface area which results in less pressure on your arms at the beginning of your paddle move. When the paddle comes closer to your body, the blade gains more surface area which results in a big move forwards. This paddle gives you more space to enjoy your surroundings instead of moving forward!

  • Stream Blade: better distribution of waterpressure on the surface area for faster and lighter paddling
  • Blade angle: 10°
  • Blade surface: 90 in² | 580cm²
  • Clip with lever to adjust fast and easy
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Length: 70,8" / 68,8" | 180cm / 220cm
  • Shaft of 40% carbon and 60% fiberglass
  • Weight: 780g | 1,71lbs