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От 829,60 € 659,59 €
Артикул: BT-UD250
Кол-во: На заказ
Время доставки: 7-14 дни


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Featuring U-type bow and DWF air deck, the new DELUXE series is more complicated in construction and production. Aqua Marina 20 years of experience in inflatable watercrafts is just the guarantee of the professionalism in making this series of the highest quality.

The new DELUXE boats are extremely light but unexpectedly rigid, owing to Aqua Marina’s signature High Frequency Welding Technology and Drop Stitch Light Technology applied on the floor.

With highly improved capacity, the new DELUXE could be loaded up with all your gear. Foldable, portable and loadable. Just pack it away and make it your favorite tender!

  • Three or more separate internal air chambers
  • 2.5m-3.6m boat range to give more size options
  • Compatible with gasoline motor up to 20HP
  • Comfortable rowing seat position
  • Oarlock system and paddles included
  • Coated transom for protection of seawater infiltration and dings from regular rigging 
    Model BT-UD250
    Length 9'9"/250cm
    Width 61"/140cm
    Max. Payload 616 lbs/280kg
    Net Weight 55.1lbs/25kg
    Air Chambers 3+1
    Model BT-UD298
    Length 9'9"/298cm
    Width 63"/155cm
    Max. Payload 792 lbs/360kg
    Net Weight 61.6lbs/28kg
    Air Chambers 3+1
    Model BT-UD350
    Length 11'6"/350cm
    Width 63"/160cm
    Max. Payload 1056 lbs/480kg
    Net Weight 74.8lbs/34kg
    Air Chambers 3+1