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PRIJON PROTEUS laminated single

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От 2557,00 €
Артикул: PROTEUS
Кол-во: На заказ
Время доставки: 1-3 weeks


* Model


It is designed for long, fast tours in open waters and on the coast. Pronounced keel areas at the front and rear ensure a long waterline and therefore high cruising speed and excellent straight-line stability. The safe position in the water thanks to the box-shaped design and a balanced ratio of straight-line stability and maneuverability give a confident feeling in all areas. The PROTEUS can be easily steered over the edge.

It is equipped with:

 - Two waterproof sealed luggage compartments with lightweight PE lids

 - Two large deck nets, one each in front and behind the cockpit

 - Day hatch directly in front of the cockpit

 - All-round rope for attaching card and deck bags

 - Paddle holder behind the seat hatch

 - Spare paddle holder

 - Anti-theft protection

 - towing line

 - Control preparation for the assembly of a control system

The Proteus is available with a GRP shell made from polyester wet laminate construction. As well as a lighter and stiffer version with a cover made of carbon and aramid fibers, made with the highest quality resins. Like all of our kayaks, both variants are made by hand.

Standard color pattern upper ship

Deck reinforcement optional:We generally design our laminate boats to be as light as possible. However, for some applications such as the paddle bridge for heavy paddlers or various re-entry methods, a more stable, reinforced upper deck can be useful. 

You can optionally order this extra layer of glass fabric with cross reinforcement in the rear area for your boat. 

The weight of the boat increases by approx. 2 kg each time.