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PRIJON Seakayak 500 LV Single

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1927,00 €
Артикул: 100440
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For many years, the name SEAYAK has stood for fast, attractive kayaks with safe and controllable driving characteristics. Three different shapes offer every paddler the choice of the optimal boat for use on larger rivers, lakes and along the coast.


The Seayak 500 LV is a sporty, fast kayak for smaller and lighter paddlers.


The long, slim and sporty shape makes this boat very fast and extremely stable. The low overall volume and a narrow and low seat hatch offer an optimal seating position for smaller paddlers. Distinctive lines in the lower hull, derived from our chine frame, give the Seayak 500 LV high directional stability and good mobility over the side edge. It can be easily steered over the edge with feeling. The ideal kayak for longer tours on open water, large rivers and the sea.

Its suitability for longer journeys is underlined by the equipment with our proven touring seat system with 3-D thigh supports and the sled footrest. This means you can adjust your seating position individually and as comfortably as possible. The many attachment options on deck make it easy to transport your luggage and all sorts of useful accessories.

  • material HTP
  • length 500cm
  • Width 55cm
  • Weight 26kg
  • cockpit 2 (92cm)
  • volume 329 liters
  • payload 100kg
  • Paddler weight 50-80kg
  • Storage space at the front 50 liters
  • Rear storage space 95 liters