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1927,00 €
Артикул: 100850
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The boat for all occasions! River hiking on the Altmühl, the large Chiemsee circuit or a holiday in the archipelago of Stockholm, the TOURYAK 500 is the first choice for all of these areas. A real all-rounder!

It is big, spacious and safe. The modern lower hull with the slanted side surfaces offers very high initial and final stability with easy running. The generously designed cockpit allows even tall paddlers to have a comfortable sitting position for long periods of time. The large luggage compartments and the extensive accessories on deck enable extended tours, paddling holidays and expeditions. The Touryak 500 is made from our almost indestructible HTP.

As standard, it is equipped with 3D thigh supports with a larger foam support surface. This reduces the weight of the kayak and increases comfort!

The complete equipment:
 - Touring seat system (seating position individually adjustable)
 - 3-D touring thigh support (adjustable)
 - Sleigh footrest (individually adjustable)
 - Control preparation (for mounting a control system)
 - Two waterproof sealed luggage compartments
 - Day hatch accessible from the cockpit
 - Luggage net at the front, e.g. for a hand bilge pump
 - luggage net behind the cockpit
 - paddle holder behind the seat hatch

 - Reserve paddle holder
 - Anti-theft device
 - All-round rope (e.g. for attaching map and deck bags)
 - Additional fastening eyelets on all storage compartment lid fixings


  • material HTP
  • length 503cm
  • Width 63cm
  • Weight 28kg
  • cockpit 4 (94cm)
  • volume 455 liters
  • payload 160kg
  • Paddler weight 75-120kg
  • Storage space at the front 58 liters
  • Rear storage space 133 liters