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SeaBird kayak Designs R Scott HV Single

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От 1770,00 €
Артикул: RSCOTT
Кол-во: 6
Время доставки: 1-3 days


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Designer: Rob Feloy
Product developer: Len Ystmark
Material: Composite

The SeaBird Designs R Scott HV is the large capacity expedition version of the “SeaBird Designs R Scott” family, suitable for the larger paddler and carrying expedition loads. SeaBird Designs R Scott HV still retains the maneuverability and stability, comfort, and seaworthiness of its smaller versions.

The hull has a deep rocker curvature, shallow V form with flat bottomed mid section, and hard chines, allowing the kayak to edge and carve well in turns. The rocker and high volume ends make for an easy boat to surf, equally at home rock hopping or playing in tide races. The “fish form” below water lines and “swede form” deck profile gives a sleek and easily driven craft to allow you to cover the miles. The high fore deck and key hole cockpit with a comfortable seat allow a dynamic paddling position. Fit with a 4 hatch deck layout, two large hatches with ample storage for expedition use with day hatches in front and behind the cockpit. Deck lines and bungees are for the storage of spare paddles and gear.

Length 544 cm (17´10´´)
Width 58.4 cm (23´´)
Depth 41.9 cm (16.5´´)
Internal Cockpit 85×42 cm (31.5´´x15.7´´)
Volume 340 L (89.8 US gal)
Weight Diolen Fiberglass Core 26 kg (57 lbs)
Weight Hybrid Carbon Kevlar 25 kg (55 lbs)
Weight Carbon 24 kg (53 lbs)
Weight Carbon Kevlar 23 kg (51 lbs)
Speed 9
Initial Stability 10
End Stability 8
Stability in Waves 9
Course Stability 8
Maneuverability 8
Packing Volume 10
Paddler weight 80 – 115 kg (175 – 250 lbs)
Capacity 175 kg (385 lbs)
Storage Rear Screw day hatch 15 cm (6´´); Round hatch 25 cm (10´´)
Storage Middle Оval hatch 32.5 cm (13´´); Round hatch 15 cm (6´´)
Features Ergonomic seat | Adjustable thigh braces | Power Pedals PRO XI9 | KS-retractable Skeg System Pro
Colors Yellow/white, red/white