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Seabird kayak Expedition Åfjord 368,single YELLOW

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Артикул: 4743294056018
Кол-во: На заказ
Время доставки: 1-3 weeks

Designer: Ingvar Ankervik/VKV
Product developer: Len Ystmark
Material: Blow molding

An exciting kayak for hobby paddlers who are looking for a steady kayak.

Expedition Åfjord 368 combines speed, maneuverability and stability in a very good way.

It comes with the original Power Pedals system. This system is the roughest and most solid on the market. It has a kick-up rudder and bulkheads inside the kayak.

This is the best first-time kayak for hobby paddlers. This kayak is also great for recreation, exercise, fishing and hunting.

Expedition Åfjord 368 is manufactured from a HDPE polyethylene in a high-tech Blow molding technology. This type of plastic provides a unique combination of stiffness, weight and durability.

Expedition Åfjord 368 is inspired by modern Swedish design – the widest point is in the back of the cockpit. The design makes the paddling more comfortable and efficient because you can keep the paddle closer to the body. Åfjord’s long waterline makes it very fast in relation to length, and it has very good stability. Should you paddle in the wind and waves, you´ll be surprised at how easily maneuvered it is and how safe you feel under rough conditions.

The wide cockpit provides easy access; the seat is padded and the seat belt is adjustable. The backrest belt can be adjusted 10 cm at both ends. Expedition Åfjord 368 is a kayak that also has an integrated keel built into the hull design. Meaning it has a unique direction stability!

Åfjord 368 has been designed by Ingvar Ankervik. The Ankervik family has designed sailboats, boats and kayaks for 4 generations. Ingvar’s father was a Swedish master of boat building, while Ingvar Ankervik is one of the world’s best kayak designers.

Direct from own factory !

5 year factory warranty!

Length 368 cm (12´1´´)
Width 64 cm (25´´)
Depth 35 cm (13.8´´)
Internal Cockpit 86×45 cm (33.9´´x17.7´´)
Volume 245 L (64 US gal)
Weight 22 kg (49 lbs)
Speed 7
Initial Stability 9
End Stability 10
Stability in Waves 10
Course Stability 10
Maneuverability 10
Packing Volume 6
Paddler weight 55 – 105 kg (121 – 231 lbs)
Capacity 130 kg (287 lbs)
Storage Front Hatch 22 cm (10´´)
Storage Rear Hatch 35.5 cm (14´´)
Features Pedals | Ergonomic seat | 368 Rudder
Colors Yellow