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SeaBird Patong Set (2 airbags + 2 holders)

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176,00 €
Артикул: 4743294052244
Кол-во: 2
Время доставки: 1-3 days

Rowing is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the world. Rowers need simple and reliable safety routines, skills, and equipment. Most composite kayaks in SeaBird Design can use a rescue system developed by the Swedish VKV company. This system has many advantages and is a versatile and user-friendly system compared to any other safety equipment or other methods (paddle or Eskimo tour). 

A set of floats adds stability to each kayak. Pontoons are easy to attach after tipping over (or in advance if you feel outside your comfort zone). The floats allow you to paddle in rough waters without having to worry about tipping over it is easier for the rower to get back in the kayak and its stability makes it easier to get out of difficult situations. It also provides stability during various activities such as swimming, fishing, diving, photography, filming or why not enjoy a cup of coffee.  

If you have overturned the kayak, they can also be used for self-rescue, where they make the kayak lie much calmer while you climb into it.

The float system can be used in many ways and on most SeaBird Design kayak models. The location behind the cockpit and the pointed shape mean that they do not get in the way of the paddle and only lower the speed by up to 5%.

NB!  SeaBird Designs float set can be used on the following models: North sea, Expedition Nansen, Expedition, XP480, XP507, Nordr S, Nordr M, Nordr M2, Nordr L2, Nordr XL3

Ujukisüsteemi on võimalik kasutada mitmel viisil ja enamikel SeaBird Designs komposiitkajakkide mudelitel. Süsteem tagab stabiilsuse ka erinevate toimingute ajal nagu ujumine, kalapüük, sukeldumine, jahipidamine ja pildistamine/filmimine, kus on kasutusel kallis tehnika.

Ujukisüsteem annab stabiilsuse kõikidele kajakkidele, milledel seda kasutatakse. Aerutamine ei ole takistatud ka siis, kui ujukid on kajaki külge kinnitatud, sest need ei takista kajaki liikumist ning aeglustavad kiirust vaid kuni 5%.

NB! SeaBird Designs ujukite komplekti on võimalik kasutada järgmistel mudelitel: North Sea, Expedition Nansen, Expedition, XP480, XP507, Nordr S, Nordr M, Nordr M2, Nordr L2, Nordr XL3