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A light, safe and compact recreational kayak made from PriLite. 

Its high tipping stability and easy running invite you to take relaxed paddling tours on still water. It drives neutrally and stays on track. Pronounced edges in the lower part ensure good straight-line stability, and the wide base in the seating area ensures high stability. The large hatch makes it easier to get in and out. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, it is easy to handle. The lightweight PriLite with its unique metallic look makes loading and unloading from the car roof easier.

An all-rounder for beginners and occasional paddlers who are looking for a small, light and compact kayak. For paddlers who don't care so much about speed and packing volume, but rather about low weight and little storage space.

Care tip :  You can care for the surface of your PriLite kayak  with our Quixx polishing paste .

  • material PriLite
  • length 330cm
  • Width 69cm
  • Weight 18kg
  • cockpit 5 (97cm)
  • volume 370L
  • payload 115kg
  • Paddler weight 60 - 105kg
  • Rear storage space 90L