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PRIJON NEPTUNE (skeg) Laminated Single

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Al. 2823,00 €
Tootekood: NEPTUNE
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: 1-3 weeks


* Model


An exciting and equally inspiring technical sea kayak in a modern skeg design.

The reinforced keel jump makes it ideal for surfing and wave riding.

This also makes the boat an agile touring kayak for lakes and rivers.

"On the edge around the curve, then quickly straight ahead with the skeg folded out!" The course stability of the kayak is increased by the skeg, which means there is more power for propulsion.


  • Innovative seating system. Our comfortable touring seat shell combined with a lig
  • lightweight, adjustable back strap
  • .Neptun_Sitzanlage_WEB.png
  • Comparatively narrow hatch with ergonomically shaped thigh pads for the best possible power transfer and control
  • SeaDog footrest 
  • Fully foldable skeg
  • Two waterproof sealed luggage compartments
  • day hatch
  • Two luggage spiders
  • All-round line
  • Paddle holder
  • Anti-theft protection

 Standard colors upper ship

Deck reinforcement optional:

We generally design our laminate boats to be as light as possible. However, for some applications such as the paddle bridge for heavy paddlers or various re-entry methods, a more stable, reinforced upper deck can be useful. 

You can optionally order this extra layer of glass fabric with cross reinforcement in the rear area for your boat. 

The weight of the boat increases by approx. 2 kg each time.

Available in two variants:

With a cover made of GRP, manufactured using polyester wet laminate construction. As well as a lighter and stiffer version with a cover made of carbon and aramid fibers, made with the highest quality resins. Like all of our kayaks, both variants are made by hand.


20212 GRP 

20214 CA